Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Colonnade Row in Brooklyn Heights

Row of Greek Revival town houses with a white continuous colonnade row supporting a continuous portico
Colonnade Row
Greek Revival townhouse with white portico supported by columns
Greek Revival Home
Wooden figure of a man blowing a horn over the front door of a house
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Address: 43-49 Willow Place 

The houses pictured above, built in 1846, represent “the last surviving colonnade row on Brooklyn Heights”. The houses were designed in the Greek-Revival style. Colonnade rows were popular during the height of the style’s popularity in the 1830s-1840s. The colonnade row lends a lot of grandeur to homes with otherwise little architectural embellishment. The houses are unified with a continuous grand scale portico with square wooden columns supporting deep entablature. The city used to have many colonnade rows. Brownstoner lists La Grange Terrace across from Cooper Union in Manhattan as the best known remaining colonnade row. However, remnants of the design feature can be found in other, more modest places as well. In Williamsburg near the BQE is a singular home (pictured above) that was once part of Colonnade row.

Town house with columns and portico in need of repair and fresh paint with overgrown shrubs in front
Decrepit Greek Revival Home
Greek Revival townhouse covered in aluminum siding with tall white columns supporting a portico
Colonnade House in Williamsburg
My favorite of the remaining houses isn’t one among the row. It’s the one across the street. Currently in ill repair, the single remaining Greek-Revival house on the north side of Willow Place looks like an anachronism being swallowed by a modern building. The weird juxtaposition and decrepit façade makes the historic home look like a place lost in time. 

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