Thursday, September 10, 2015

P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry School - Greenpoint

Front of P.S. 34 on Norman Avenue
P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry School
Eckford Street side of building
P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry School
McGuinness Boulevard side of building
P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry School
Terracotta plaque above top floor window reading Public School No. 34. 1867
P.S. 34 Oliver H. Perry School
P.S. 34, the Oliver H. Perry School in Greenpoint, is a landmarked school building at 131 Norman Avenue between Eckford Street and McGuinness Boulevard. According to the book Brooklyn’s Historic Greenpoint, “P.S. 34 is one of the city’s oldest school buildings still in use”.[1]

The school was named after Oliver H. Perry, a war hero from the battle of Lake Erie in the war of 1812.[2] The building’s architectural style is a blend of Renaissance and Romanesque revivals. Designed by architect Samuel B. Leonard, the school was built in 1867, with an addition in 1870 and a subsequent addition in 1888. Leonard designed the initial structure, as well as the first addition to the building and James W. Naughton designed the second expansion. Both men were architects for the Brooklyn school system and made significant contributions to the borough’s school buildings.[3]  Leonard designed the building formerly known as Colored School No. 3 in Williamsburg, which is now a landmarked private residence. Naughton also designed the Boy’s High School in Bed-Stuy (which Brownstoner recently posted as their building of the day).

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